22 octubre 2010

No costume, No candy

"No costume, No candy" - Swingin' Neckbreakers

Yeah the spooks come out tonight, it's time to trick or treat
You better answer your door, or find your pumpkin smashed in the street

I've got my costume and candy, and I'm ready for Halloween
But when I answer my door, you know I can't believe what I've seen

They got no costumes on, they got no makeup on their face
They're just a lookin like burglars with their flashlights and pillowcase

and I said :

Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me somethin good to eat
No costume, no candy
no costume, no candy
no costume, no candy
from me

There are so many things that you could be on Halloween night
You could be a zombie, or you could be Frankenstein

If you're a cheap little sheet, you could be a ghost or a mummy
But when you come to my door as you are, let me guess, you're a dummy

(repeat chorus)

Masquerades on parade, what you gonna be on Halloween?
They got a million and one ideas down at the costume scene

It's not the trick or the treat, it's the sweets, these kids ain't hellbound
but with no costumes on, I'm afraid I'm gonna shut you out

(repeat chorus)



Uno de los mejores temas que componen la antología que produjo Rob Zombie, en 1998, de canciones originales cuya temática gira alrededor de mi festividad favorita ;-)


2 comentarios:

Lety Ricardez dijo...

Hola Mac Vamp, tu vieja amiga, amiga vieja de oaxaca vuelve para encontrarte tan joven como antes.

Ojalá me recuerdes. Te dejo un abrazo con afecto

MacVamp dijo...

Uys, milagrazo Lety estimada ;-)

Claro que te recuerdo y deseo que te encuentres muy bien. En cuanto pueda me pongo en contacto contigo :)