09 mayo 2015

The Unquiet Grave

"The Unquiet Grave" - Helium Vola

Cold blows the wind to my true love
And gently drops the rain
I've never had but one sweet heart
And in green wood she lies slain

I'll do as much for my sweetheart
As any young man will
I'll sit and mourn all on her grave
For twelve months and a day

And when twelve months and one day was passed
Her ghost began to speak
The ghost began to speak

"Why sittest ye all on my grave
And will not let me sleep?"

There's one thing that I want, sweetheart
There's one thing that I crave
And that is a kiss from your linen white lips
That I called from your grave

My breast is cold as the clay
My breast will make thee strong
But if you kiss my cold grey lips
Your days they won't be long

Go fetch me water from
That isn't the blood from out of a stone
Go fetch me milk from a fair maid's breast
That a young man never had known

Go down on yonder grove, sweetheart
Where you and I were born
The first flower there that I say
Has withered to a stalk

The stalk is withered and and dried, sweetheart
And the flower will never return
And since I lost my own sweet heart
What can I do but mourn?

When shall we meet again, sweetheart?
When shall we meet again?
When the oak and leaves that fall from the trees
Are green and spring up again

When the oak and leaves that fall from the trees
Are green and spring up again
Del álbum "Wohin?" (2013)

Se trata de un tema folk británico del siglo XIV que en 1868 fue recogido por Francis James Child pero hay varias versiones, muchas de ellas están mezcladas con la letra del tema "How Cold the Wind doth Blow" (aquí se puede escuchar) como esta y como la que aparece en el trailer y en el primer capítulo de la segunda temporada de la serie de televisión Penny Dreadful (pinchar aquí para escucharla).

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