07 agosto 2013

Desde la Rusia decadente

My name's Andrey and my surname's Kezzyn though here on the Net I'm better-known as Kezzyn Waits. I took up photography quite a short time ago or at least it seems so. I've come a long way from the lad with a camera at an in-company party to the lecturer and training instructor for one of the biggest photographic schools in Russia. I can sound far more convincing while saying that at a workshop so you're welcome: come and hear my story live.

For years I'd been using film cameras in my job and had thought of film photograhy as the main and the right one. Now I'm not as dedicated as I used to be. My photographic religion has become a united confession. I believe that a real photographer shoots out of their head and heart and it doesn't matter what type of camera they use. I really like my job. And I'm truly grateful to all the people who are helping me to create my mean little pictures. I hope you'll love them. They're like kids to me. Some of them are cleverer, others are more light-hearted. But I love them all alike.


Recién he descubierto a este artista ruso :) 

Impresionante su trabajo.


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